The City and County of Mobile are blessed with some of the world’s most beautiful trees. They clean the air we breathe, shade us from harmful sun rays, cool us in hot weather and enhance our lives in many other ways. They also attract tourists to grow our economy.

Yet, Mobile is losing about one tree every day on the public right of way from storms, urban development and neglect. We are losing many more trees on private property. While far fewer trees are being planted, it takes decades for species like live oaks and magnolias to grow to full potential. That’s why Friends of Mobile Trees is here. To learn more and to join Friends of Mobile Trees, send us a message.

You can help save our trees

As an IRS-approved 501c3 Corporation, we can receive public and private grants and tax-deductible contributions from businesses and individuals to restore our urban forest. An initial $10,000 matching fund is in place to encourage your donations.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help Mobile flourish.

  • Provide funds for Mobile’s arborists to nurture our existing trees.
  • Replace trees we are losing with species appropriate to their locations.