Marketing with Ideas


Think of having your own, personal marketing guru. Sounds great, right? Your marketing guru is exceptionally talented and will help you increase revenue, attract more referrals, communicate more effectively, and build your reputation. At PSM we refer to our guru work as marketing coaching and with Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds is possible to have the education for your business. Working with a marketing coach is just as much about driving new business as it is about developing your skills as a thought leader. The marketing coaching process at PSM Marketing has been built, buffed, and polished over the past 25 years. When you work with a PSM marketing coach you are working with someone dedicated entirely to you and your success.

We help you reach new heights in your business – heights you might not be able to achieve on your own. Our coaching approach is based on the Four Pillars of Marketing ™ – a marketing system we developed to help busy yet motivated people like you achieve the income and revenue you know is possible. Our marketing coaching approach combines strategic marketing advice with a process designed to bring shared accountability to your sales and marketing efforts. We know you’re busy. We even know that marketing may not be your biggest priority right now. At PSM Marketing we promise to be flexible as we help you achieve your goals. Why wait? We are here right now to talk with you about where you would like to be in six months, next year, and well into the future.


Evergreen Marketing

Everything old is new againA recent article  from Forbes Agency Council lists the "evergreen" aspects of marketing that will drive success in the future as they have in the past. Here are some selections from proven marketing leaders. 1. Content Marketing...